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About Us

Measure twice and cut once. That insightful carpenter’s adage also describes the Polished Image team. Before rolling out anything, we get your copy or your product where you want it, helping you come up with missing words, the perfect phrase, and painting the focused impression or image that you want planted in someone’s mind. And we’ll make certain that it’s correct before review by any of your various publics.

Our team is made up of those exhaustive, meticulous editor-types who spot typos on business cards, menus, brochures, fliers and even in those repetitive ads that roll past your eyes before the movie starts. We are those persnickety wordsmiths who look at copy on a website and say, “Yeah, but wouldn’t that be more effective if … ?” We “see” in lead paragraphs and sentences and titles and ads opportunities that can help create an exceptional strategic vision … and results. We visualize creative, inspirational copy that can enhance your firm’s visibility, reputation and even bottom line. We’re nitpickers to beat the band. In great companies someone needs to fill that behind-the-scenes role.
We can do it for you. Cost effectively.

Everything starts with and is eventually run though our principal, Lee Cooke, a professional who has been crafting specialized messages; writing speeches and articles; editing and proofing copy; managing marketing and PR campaigns; raising monies; creating, managing and making budgets; and basically running point for focused programs and businesses during a 30-year management career.

A journalism grad from the University of Maryland, Lee has hands-on experience in the for-profit and nonprofit arenas. His success can be credited to an unbending, three-pronged focus:

  • Never compromise quality.
  • Be relentless with your drive, your principles and your
  • Recognize that nothing unimportant ever comes out of a
    business -- whatever it is, it always carries its core identity.