With a background of business and organizational management experience that spans more than 30 years, Lee Cooke has broad-based experience to help your organization improve, grow or change direction. In many instances, Lee calls upon the talents
of hand-picked, client-driven professionals whose strengths are complementary to his own. These consultants and companies are known commodities -- our principal knows their track records because heís worked with them and knows that they share his high standards. If they didnít, he wouldnít refer them with such confidence.

Polished Image offers executive consulting in the following areas:

  • Audits and analyses -- An intense look at your overall business structure or specific areas (e.g., operations, finance, human resources, facilities management) to determine weaknesses
    and vulnerabilities as well as strengths and untapped potential.
  • Needs assessment (nonprofit only) -- A well-planned and
    executed research effort to define the needs and desires of your organizationís constituency.
  • Nonprofit fund raising, resource development and grant
  • Employee training and motivation.
  • Demographic surveys.
  • Research -- Soup-to-nuts homework to justify (or not) decision-making pathways or to provide background and facts
    for presentations, campaigns and the like.