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Words are fun. Words befuddle. Words make you go hmmm. Whether butchering a perfectly first-rate vocabulary for ohmygosh effect (e.g., Norm Crosby, George Bush); plying genius with our national pastime (e.g., Abbott and Costello with Whos On First?); inspiring action and social consciousness (e.g., Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy); or spending considerably too much time thinking about words and expressions (e.g., George Carlin, Steven Wright), we are blessed with multitudes of memorable and thought-provoking communications throughout the ages.

Just for fun, at this link are snippets, anecdotes and other minutiae, including word-help links that play with your mind and may help your copy. For the most part, these inclusions make us smile and go hmmm and we hope they do the same for you. If you find any such Hmmm word-occurrences or links in your day-to-day reading, please share them with us. Wed love to post them (and give you credit for the submission).





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