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Typos, errors, inaccuracies, mistakes and less-than-sterling word choices. Regardless of where they surface, such blunders can quickly and painfully take the shine off an organization’s or company’s reputation. That’s why Polished Image is committed to perfection, accuracy and attention to detail. For something to be written right and proofed to perfection, there must be an eye for detail that comes only with experience, skills, tenacity and perseverance. We’re all over that, in practice and follow-up.

But not everyone is quite as careful with their prose or presentations! Here are a few unfortunate (however humorous) examples of typos or mistakes we’ve encountered. They’re fun to read, but only if you weren’t the originator of the copy!

If you find any such Oops! occurrences in your day-to-day reading, please share them with us. We’d love to post them (and give you credit for the submission).





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